bring builders together

Kizumi is a movement and a brand.

We are revolutionising what it means to be a part of a private members club.

We offer a collection of 2000 NFTs that grant you access to an NFT gated online private members club for like-minded individuals who want to connect, learn, and grow.

Our goal is to build an environment that brings together ambitious individuals from all around the world. Uniting builders, visionaries, innovators and entrepreneurs under the banner of “Building reality”.

Join The Clubhouse to expanding your skill set, add to your network and grow in a community of passionate individuals that share your ambition.

Take the first step in building your reality!

The Builders


Crypto lover that is building his own reality.Setting the vision.


Engineer with a passion for tech. Making the vision a reality.


Strategising to can make the communities reality the best ever.


Marketing to reach every person that wants a better reality.