Kizumi Map

We are a brand with a purpose and that is to bring amazing people together in one place to "Build reality".









Mission and values

Our mission is to build a private members club that adds value to members in such a way that it allows them to build their reality into something amazing.

What is Kizumi

Kizumi is an NFT gated online private members club for like-minded individuals who want to connect, learn, and grow.

We focus on building a space that brings together builders, innovators, visionaries and entrepreneurs from all around the global into a single online hub. Then giving the the tools, platforms, connections, information and content to build amazing products, services and brands.

Our goal is to help ambitious people build reality.
We do so by offering a variety of benefits, including exclusive access to online events, workshops, and webinars led by industry experts along with content and resources to improve themselves along with their projects, businesses and performance at their jobs.

You'll also have the opportunity to connect with other members through our online community platform, where you can share knowledge, exchange ideas, and form valuable connections.

Additionally, members will have access to exclusive discounts on products and services, as well as the ability to participate in member-only contests, tournaments and giveaways.


At Kizumi we strive to create a dynamic, innovative and results-driven culture for our community with growth and personal-development at the heart of our brand.

Here are the 5 Pillars of the Kizumi Culture:


The club works on cultivating a sense of community and belonging among members, encouraging them to interact with one another and share experiences and knowledge.

Learning and Growth

We provide resources and opportunities for members to learn and grow, such as workshops, webinars, and mentorship programs.

Networking and Innovation

We encourage members to share their ideas and collaborate and build together.


Keep members' information and activities private and secure.

Fun atmosphere

All work and no play makes life boring. Have fun, when members are not building and learning they should be enjoying each other company and doing creating and entertaining activities.

We do this to foster a sense of belonging, collaboration and innovation among members, with an emphasis on building a better reality.

Come join The Clubhouse.


The Perks

- Online and In real life events
- Tournaments and contests
- Exclusive content
- Networking opportunities
- Seminars
- Merchandise
- and more to come


The benefits of joining an NFT based online private members club


Members can access the club from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy to participate in discussions, events, access content along with other activities.


As an online club we have members from all over the world, which can lead to a more diverse and interesting community.

Ease of communication

We use a variety of tools to facilitate communication between members, such as forums, chat rooms, and social media.

Ease of participation

Members can more easily engage with the club and other members, leading to more participation and engagement.


We will make a wealth of resources available to members, such as articles, videos, and online courses, which can help members to learn and grow.


You can join the club and remain anonymous in order to protect your privacy. As we are an NFT based club no need to share personal details.